Cancer Care for Life scheme by regional cancer centre


image source:rcctvm.gov.in

Cancer Care for Life scheme (3rd series) is a scheme sponsored by Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum to provide advanced cancer treatment free of cost to all those who join the scheme up to a prescribed limit. In this scheme there are two Plans, plan-A and plan-B. The scheme is open to all Indian citizens who are not having cancer. The scheme benefits accrue after two years of enrolment.

To become a member a fee of Rs 500/person is to be paid. In the event of getting cancer, the center is committed to provide to those who join the scheme standard diagnostic and treatment facilities in the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum up to the value 100 times the membership fee viz.Rs.50,000/-. This includes cost of medicine, expenses for stay, at the rates prescribed charges for diagnostic investigations, Radiation, Surgery, other procedures etc. and charges for General Ward levied by the center as for paying category patients at the time of taking treatment. The membership fee will be once in-a-life payment with no annual premium. Applicants are not required to undergo any medical checkup.

For more information and application form: http://www.rcctvm.org/patient_welfare.htm

Scheme was closed on August 2014




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