Deductions on Life Insurance Premia,Provident Fund,Pension,

A.     Deductions on Life Insurance Premium, contribution to Provident   Fund, etc. (sec. 80C)

  1. Any sum paid or deposited to keep in force insurance on the life on an individual or his spouse any child of such individual and any member of HUF. Deduction is allowed only where the premium paid does not exceeds
  • 20% of the capital sum assured ,when the policy is issued before 1/4/2012
  • 10% of the capital sum assured, when the policy is issued after 1/4/2012.
  1. Sum paid to keep in force a contract for non-cumulative deferred annuity-for the life of individual, his wife, any child of such individual.
  2.  Deduction made from salary by or on behalf of the government for the purpose of securing a deferred annuity-up to 20 % of salary.
  3. Sum paid to a recognized provident fund.
  4. Sum paid to an approved superannuation fund.
  5. Subscription to securities of central government or deposits notified in the official gazette.
  6. Any sum paid to a PPF.
  7. Subscription to National Savings Certificates (VIII) issue.
  8. Sum paid by an individual or HUF for participation in the Unit-Linked Insurance Plan 1971 of UTI
  9. Sum paid by an individual or HUF in any notified Unit-Linked insurance plan of LIC Mutual Fund(Dhanaraksha has been notified)
  10. Only tuition fees (excluding any payment towards any development fees or donation or payment of similar nature) where at the time of admission or thereafter, to any university, college, school, or other educational institution situated within India for the purpose of full time education for his two children.
  11. Deposit in five year post office time deposit account
  12. Deposit in senior citizen savings scheme,2004


B.   Deduction in respect of contribution to certain Pension Fund (sec. 80CCC)

Any amount paid or deposited by an individual out of his taxable income to any pension fund of LIC or any other insurer for receiving pension from the fund

C.   Deduction in respect of contribution to pension scheme of central government (sec 80CCD)

Central government employee’s employed on or after 1-01-2004 or any other individual assesse. Both the employee and employer/central government is required to contribute to pension fund. Deduction is allowed to the extent of 10 % of salary or contribution made by the employee, whichever is less and 10 % of salary or contribution made by the employer/central government, whichever is less. Here salary includes DA (if given under the terms of employment) and excludes all other allowances and perquisites.

If the assessee withdraws the money in the previous year and utilized for purchasing an annuity plan in the same year, it shall not be liable to tax.

Aggregate amount of deduction under sec.80C, 80CCC & 80CCD (80CCE)

Sec. 80CCE puts a limit to the aggregate amount of deductions under sections 80C,80CCC & prescribes that aggregate amount of these contributions/deposits shall not exceed rs 1,00,000

However, the amount contributed by the employer/central government under sec. 80CCD shall not be included in rs 1, 00,000 limit, with effect from the assessment year 2012-2013.

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