Last attempt for CS old syllabus?

With effect from 1st September, 2013 Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has launched New Syllabus of Professional Programme covering nine subjects / papers under three modules.

The New syllabus of cs Executive Programme becomes applicable from February 1, 2013. It consists of seven papers instead of six papers at present.

  • Last Examination under the Professional Programme (Old Syllabus 2007) will be held in June, 2015.
  • The Last Examination under Executive Programme (Old Syllabus 2007) will be held in December, 2014

On switchover to the New Syllabus, students will be eligible for corresponding paper-wise exemptions as per the following details:

exemption for old syllabus

ICSI on 6th April 2015, clarified the exemptions available for executive students on clearing any of the modules under old Syllabus

Taxplore-cs executive switchover

Read More on :- https://www.icsi.edu/docs/Webmodules/ANNOUNCEMENT%20REGARDING%20SWITCHOVER.pdf

Source-  https://www.icsi.edu/WebModules/Student/SYLLEBUS2013.pdf




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