Optional subject in Professional Programme of ICSI

First, I congratulate you in clearing executive level and quickly get registered to professional programme without waiting for cutoff dates.

 With effect from 1st September, 2013 Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has launched New Syllabus of Professional Programme covering nine subjects / papers under three modules.

Students getting registered to Professional Programme during the period from 1st September, 2013 to 30th November, 2013, will be eligible for appearing in One Module (out of Three Modules) during June, 2014 Session. Similar system will be continued in subsequent sessions of examinations.

Subjects/papers under each module are given here

When comes to module 3, you may be confused with the optional subjects regarding which paper will benefit you, which will be the scoring paper for you, etc..

Elective subjects in module 3 are as follows:

  1. Banking Law and Practice
  2. Capital, Commodity and Money Market
  3. Insurance Law and Practice
  4. Intellectual Property Rights-Law and Practice
  5. International Business -Laws and Practices.


I suggest you to choose the subject which suits your interest and your career objectives.


A brief analysis of optional subjects are given below

Banking Law and Practice –

  • it covers banking regulations, banking functions, Banking Related Laws, Banker – Customer Relations, Risk Management in Banks, electronic banking etc.
  • Those who want to pursue their career in Banking and financial sector may choose this subject.
  • Banking paper is generally considered as scoring paper.


Capital, Commodity and Money Market-

  • it covers capital market, money market, financial intermediaries, International Markets, Economics of Commodities Marketing, securities, etc.
  • CCMM is just like an advanced paper of Securities Laws and Compliances paper in executive level. it is another scoring paper.


Insurance Law and Practice-

  • it deals with insurance concept, insurance sector, insurance regulatory framework, life insurance, general insurance, insurance products, ethics, etc.
  • it will provide you specialized knowledge with regard to insurance sector.
  • Contents of this paper have been developed in association of Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai
  • It will help you to become compliance officer in insurance companies.


Intellectual Property Rights – Law and Practice-

  • it deals with patent laws, Preparation of Patent Documents, trademark, copyright, industrial designs, protection of trade secrets, etc.
  • Those who have keen interest in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) can go for it.
  • IPR is interesting area and will provide good career opportunities.
  • it will be more beneficial to those who possess science graduation.


International Business-Laws and Practices-

  • it covers Multi National Enterprises, FDI, foreign trade policy, Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures, Anti-Dumping Duties, Strategic Alliances, WTO, WTO provisions, international agencies, etc.
  • Earlier this paper was called as ‘Strategic Management, Alliances & International Trade’ which comes under 3rd module of old syllabus of professional programme.


In addition to all these changes, ICSI has introduced Open Book Examination system (OBE) in all the above five elective subjects from June 2014 onwards.  Students are allowed to consult their study material, class notes, textbooks, Bare Acts and other relevant papers, while attempting answers.

Question pattern of optional subjects

New question pattern demands up-to-date knowledge of case laws, amendments, notifications etc.


•Each question paper would contain Six questions carrying 100 marks

•Question No.1 will be of 50 marks based on case study ranging between 3000-4000 words.

•Question No.2 will be of 30 marks based on study of regulatory framework related to the subject.

•Question No.3-6 will be of 5 marks each covering important topics of the syllabus.


For more information go to: www.icsi.edu

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